Roetzmeier Safety Containers are designed for safe transport, storage and all other handlings (e.g. metering, dispensing, decanting or disposal) of (mostly liquid and flammable) hazardous goods. Typical liquids which are filled in our safety containers are all types of solvents. Hazardous goods in general are typically toxic, corrosive, flammable or explosive chemicals or other materials which are used in production processes and/or result as waste material in such processes.

Our safety cans, -canisters, -barrels and -funnels are used in many industries and for multiple purposes. The goal always is safe and long term storage of hazardous goods in order to maximize operational safety while ensuring efficient fire- and environmental protection.

The following are typical examples to briefly illustrate how Roetzmeier Safety Containers can be used:

  • Handling of different types of hazardous goods (e.g. liquid, pasty or even solid substances)
  • Long-lasting and safe storage of hazardous goods
  • In-plant and offside-plant transportation of hazardous materials

Our products

  • protect your hazardous goods from explosion by pressure control valves and flame traps - and also your co-workers, who work with those goods
  • are made of highly resistant materials (high quality stainless steel and gaskets from Teflon) which is key for their extreme longevity
  • are produced on basis of very strict internal and external quality standards – high quality for your safety!
  • comply with state-of-the-art technology standards (e.g. in Germany the "Technische Regeln für brennbare Flüssigkeiten (TRbF)")
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