Our longtime experience in development and production of safety containers and -funnels from stainless steel is daily input for our product manufacturing. More than that, it is also the valuable basis for all our further developments, which we are doing and will continue to do with our products. All Roetzmeier Safety Containers comply with requirements of internationally respected rules, specifications and quality standards for the construction of safety products (e.g. Factory Mutual (FM) in the United States or the "Technischen Regeln für brennbare Flüssigkeiten" (TRbF) 60 in Europe/Germany).

Self closure and overfill protection

All Roetzmeier Safety Containers have closures, which open only during their operation by manual pressure on levers. Afterwards or when accidentally knocking over or dropping a container in case of emergency, the closure will lock automatically driven by spring pressure, excluding uncontrolled leakages or contaminations. This feature also reduces the escape of vapors or gases to a minimum during daily operation! If you use our safety containers together with our safety funnels, the funnel will automatically prevent overfilling of the container. The funnel will only carry as much liquid as the container will be able to keep.

Flame trap

Roetzmeier Safety Container are equipped with flame traps (also called: flame arrester) of fine stainless steel mesh. The flame trap protects stored substancess against fire flashbacks and contact with sparks or flames. As the flame trap is located in the opening fill, the content inside is safely protected against contacts with sparks or flames even if the container is left open. Sparks may arise, for example by electrostatic discharge during filling or emptying a container. Flames can develop in this case or also approach a container in the case of fire in the company. Second effect of the flame trap is to dissipate heat of fire on its large surface in order to keep the vapor temperature inside the can below its flash point. Therefore, without a reliable flame trap it might come to an ignition of vapors or substances inside or even to an explosion of the container.

The function of the flame used in Roetzmeier Safety Containers goes back to the knowledge of the English chemist Sir Humphry Davy and his early student Michael Faraday. They found out, that a specifically designed wire mesh makes penetration for flames impossible. Today a flame trap based on these findings is also called Davy gauze. Flame traps in Roetzmeier Safety Containers are - as well as all containers themselves - made of stainless steel. Flame traps in Roetzmeier Safety Containers are removable and therefore allow for easy cleaning. Elsewhere terms used for flame trap are flame arrester or Davy flame trap.

Pressure and vacuum compensation

Roetzmeier Safety Containers are equipped with a pressure control valve (sometimes referred to as pressure relief valve or degassing valve), which automatically allows generated pressure to escape from the container (explosion-proof containers). Excess pressure can accumulate in containers due to chemical reactions of a substance itself as well as by thermic changes affecting the container (such as sunlight or fire). In both cases without a valve the pressure might result in the detonation of the container. All Roetzmeier Safety Containers for in-plant use are protected against such a detonation by pressure control valves, for safety transportation containers a pressure control valve is optional. Excess pressure in Roetzmeier Safety Containers will escape at 0.3 or 0.4 bar, dependend on the type of container used. The mechanism of the pressure control valve is located inside our screw caps or metering devices. At the same time vacuum balancing allows the steady emptying of the container.

Roetzmeier Safety Transportation Containers are available with or without pressure control valve. Standard design is without valve as parts of transported liquids might leak through a pressure control valve in case of a transportation accident. Also there are approved transportation containers with a pressure control valve on the market, our experience shows, that in most of the cases users and environment are better protected when using containers without pressure control valve. Chemical burns, injuries and danger of fire can be reduced or excluded this way. However, the individual circumstances of each case can require the use containers with pressure relief valve, which we also offer.


When filling or emptying a container electrostatic charges can emerge from frictions (static electricity). Such charges can lead to sparks and cause ignitions of the substances inside the containers or even explosions. These effects can be excluded when using Roetzmeier Safety Containers due to the flame trap-principle described above. Users themselves are nevertheless exposed to risks of fire by explosive air-gas-mixtures or other substances in the closer area of application. Groundings transfer charges to the ground and therefore protect the user. Roetzmeier Safety Containers are fully conductive and bleed off charges automatically. If the ground itself is not fully conductive (antistatic rooms, wooden palette, etc.) Roetzmeier Safety Containers provide devices to protect user and container with a separate grounding cable.

If you use our cointainers together with Roetzmeier Plug In- or Safety Funnels, the same principle applies: they have conductive connections to the container and need to have a separate grounding only if the ground is non-conductive or if non-conductive conatiners (e.g. low cost plactic containers) are used.

Robust materials and construction

Materials used for Roetzmeier Safety Containers are extremly durable, provided appropriate handling they can be used for many decades. Thick-walled high quality stainless steels offer high load capacity in daily applications. Also our products are highly break-proof, if a container might accidentally fall down.


Our product portfolio has a highly modular structure, allowing to use a containers for various security applications. For example, you can use a Safety Can as dosage can (with metering device), as storage can (with screw cap) or as moistener (with pump). Safety funnels are offered to allow safe fillling of each the containers. On each individual product page of our website you will find a technical data sheet with information about appropriate accessories.

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