Stainless steel

Stainless steel is the name for alloyed or non-alloyed steel that show an outstanding degree of purity and are non-corrosive. Other names are austenitic steel or inox steel. For our safety containers we use high quality types of stainless steel that are characterised by a high chemical resistance due to their alloys. The use of stainless steel containers is especially recommended when flammable liquids or aggressive materials are used or/and when safety requirements are high. The company Thyssen-Krupp gives a detailed overview of chemical resistance for different types of stainless steel (for comfortable reading in Acrobat Reader please go to page 2, than select view - page view - two pages). You will find the type of stainless steel we use for our products in the respective technical data sheet of each product.

Synthetic materials

For gaskets in our products, we use different, highly chemically resistant synthetic materials. The container gaskets are made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), content level indicators of PFA (perfluoralkoxylalkane) - both are fluorinated plastics, well known under the name Teflon (trade name of the company Dupont (U.S.)). Gaskets of our safety funnels are made of PE (polyethylene) or Alveocel. You can find a detailed overview of the chemical resistance of different synthetic materials here.

Note: Information about material resistance are based on current findings/expertise about pure substances. In practice, however, several factors influence the resistance, e.g. concentration, temperature, pH, etc. Therefore, when using non listed or impure substances the material resistance should be tested before using the container!

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