Thread types

Container threads can vary, among other things, in its dimensions depending on the material used. Roetzmeier Safety Containers are made of stainless steel, connections and openings have standard thread types of the metal sector (G-thread and TPI thread) and standard sizes (G1½", G1¼", G¾" and 2" TPI). Manufacturer of plastic or glass containers usually use different thread types, adapters for nearly all sizes of threads are available in the market.

Within the different materials, the accuracy of thread types and sizes is different. In the metal sector, you can rely on the accuracy of standard threads. In the field of plastic containers there may exist differences between formally identical threads. For the PE screw caps (buttress thread) of our safety funnel the following table shows, which dimensions appropriate container connections should have, in order to fit the funnel properly. If your plastic canisters do not meet the specified dimensions, please let us know. We will check whether an adjustment of our safety funnels according to your needs is possible.

thread for outer dimension; thread max. (top of thread) inside dimension; thread min. (bottom of thread) inner diameter thread
DIN50 plastic canister 50 mm 45 mm 34 - 41 mm
DIN51 plastic canister 54 mm 50 mm 34 - 45 mm
DIN61 plastic canister 60 mm 54 mm 45 - 50 mm
DIN71 plastic canister 71 mm 64 mm 45 - 59 mm
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