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Welcome to Roetzmeier Safety Containers - the world's leading manufacturer of stainless steel products for safe metering, handling, decanting, storage, transport and disposal of flammable liquids! Our products are mainly used for safe handling of solvents. They play a major role in the daily work with these kind of hazardous goods in laboratories and industry. Please download our current product catalogue and our product information!

Interesting facts and technical terms around safety containers

Today companies are confronted with a variety of requirements regarding on-the-job safety, employee protection, operational safety, laboratory safety, fire prevention, fire protection or environmental protection - Roetzmeier Safety Containers help you to comply with major requirements in these fields.

We have some decades of experience in manufacturing containers for use in safety-relevant areas. Test us, the quality of our products, our delivery times, our delivery reliability, our customer focus and our personal service! With our products you will be able to meet the requirements for occupational safety, accident prevention, fire safety and environmental protection in your business. Have questions about our products? We look forward to your message or your call!

Our safety containers are made of rust-free stainless steel and are used in different areas: for in-plant use in industrial companies, as laboratory containers in labs, research institutes and universities, as storage containers for safe storage of hazardous other or dangerous goods (e.g. inflammable, toxic, corrosive) or as transportation containers for transportation of hazardous goods on public traffic routes.

All our safety containers and funnels are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is the material with the highest chemical resistance. This means that the containers will not corrode during correct handling (rustfree, non-corrosive). The gaskets of all our containers are made of plastics (mostly PTFE). These types of plastics also offer maximum chemical resistance in the area of synthetics. Roetzmeier Safety Containers are reusable containers. Besides cost savings over time (one-way packagings are more expensive in the medium term) you also protect the environment (environmental protection / ecology / pollution control) and contribute to the efficient use of resources.

Typical mediums that are filled into our containers are flammable, toxic or corrosive materials (e.g. solvents, acids or other chemicals). The containers are protected by flame traps and pressure control valves against infiltration of fire and explosion, providing a safe and explosion-resistant storage for your flammable materials in the event of a fire. Roetzmeier Safety Containers are completely produced in Germany (Made in Germany) and are an example for excellent German engineering, relying on both, high-quality materials and high quality standards in the manufacturing process.

Our product portfolio consists of five different product groups:

  • Safety cans: safety cans for in-plant use, designed for handling of smaller quantities (1 to 5 liters) - we offer metering cans (with precise metering device) and storage/screw cans (with screw cap), each of them in laboratory edition (polished surface) and industrial edition (unpolished)
  • Safety canisters: safety canister for in-plant use, designed for handling of medium quantities (5 to 20 liters) - we offer metering canisters (with self-closing metering device), storage/screw canisters (with screw cap) and tap canisters (with self-closing tap)
  • Safety barrels: for in-plant use, designed for handling of bigger quantities (10 to 50 resp. 200 liters) - smaller barrels are available with self-closing metering device, all others have a screw cap or a self-closing tap, optionally with content level indicator
  • Safety transportation containers: safety containers for UN-transports of dangerous goods on public traffic routes - these containers do have a certificate allowance (homologation) of the "Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung und -forschung" (BAM, responsible German authority), transportation containers are available in different sizes
  • Funnels: we offer stainless steel funnels for safe filling - safety funnels (screwed onto the container, flame trap, overfill protection, grounding, closure) and plug-in funnels

Glossary of related terms:

  • Dosage or dispensing container: all containers with a self-closing metering device
  • Screw container: all containers with a screw cap
  • Storage container: for all non-transportation containers - equipped with a screw cap including pressure control valve
  • Hazardous goods containers / Hazardous goods packagings: transportation containers to transport dangerous / hazardous goods (e.g. chemical matters or agents, inflammable materials, etc.)
  • Hazardous goods: can be fluid or non-fluid materials (e.g. powder), toxic, acid, flammable or even highly flammable - special requirements regarding fire control / fire prevention / fire protection / fire security / fire defense need to be followed for hazardous goods
  • Storage vessel: non-transportation containers that have a pressure valve for pressure compensation
  • Safety vessels, explosion-proof containers, safety bins, safety repositories, safety cases: synonyms for safety containers
  • Solvents [chem.], menstruum [chem.], dissolvent [tech.], dissolver [tech.], resolvent [tech.]: synonyms
  • Solvent container, solvent can, solvent canister, solvent barrel, solvent funnel: also synonyms, founded through the fact, that solvents commonly needs to be stores in safety containers from stainless steel
  • Flamable, inflamable, combustible, phlogistic or explosive goods: typical media for our safety containers
  • Laboratory vessel and chemical vessel: denotation according to the use of safety containers in labs or their filling with chemicals
  • Salzkotten containers / Salzkotten vessels: our production is located in Salzkotten, central Germany
  • Sprinkle can: synonym for moistener (variant of safety can; with soaking tray e.g. for humidification or wetting of cleaning textiles with solvents)
  • Soaking vessel and washing vessel: variants of safety barrels; open barrels for cleaning of parts etc.
  • Content level indicator / Level control: synonyms
  • Flame-proof, flame protection, flame arrester: synonyms for flame trap - constructed as a stainless steel gauze / wire mesh (principle of Davy)- other form may also be perforated stainless steel
  • Pressure control valve / pressure relief valve / override boost pump: synonyms
  • Ex-: stands for potentially explosive areas or atmosphere
  • ADR, RID, IMDG or ICAO-TI: international standards and requirements pertaining the transport of hazardous goods (e.g. self-flammable, inflammable, spontaneously combustible, chemical, toxic or acid materials) on roads, railways, water or air. In Germany these standards are set and enforced by GGVSEB.
  • UN-number: approval number (homologation) granted to transportation containers on the basis of the aforementioned regulations. The number must be visibly attached to the container.
  • Safety cabinets: used to safely store hazardous goods, hazardous materials storage, storage of flammables or chemical storage - e.g. acid storage cabinets, flammable liquid storage cabinets, flammable storage cabinets, flammable cabinet, flammables cabinets, hazardous cabinet, etc.
  • Labeling / labelling: standardized symbols attached to containers, facilities or zones that show the potential danger of the liquids filled or used. The user is responsible for correct labelings!
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