Safety funnel flat 2" with flame trap, overfill protection and closure head

  • Safety funnel provided with thread, made from high-quality and chemically resistant stainless steel
  • For safe filling of all barrels plug 2"
  • Flame trap prevents for iginition of liquids filled in the container and is easily unscrewable and removable, e.g. for cleaning or replacement
  • Grounding via threaded pins (direct contact between funnel and container) or additional grounding connection
  • Overfill protection prevents for spillage of liquids during filling
  • Closure head reduced vapors
  • Height (above thread) 70 mm - also available as safety funnel T2 (Height 125 mm)

Order numberT180
Height70 mm
Diameter funnel head190 mm
Diameter funnel tube45 mm
Weight0,80 kg
Material / -thickness1.4301, 1.4305 / -
Flame trapyes
Fits these products
  • Safety collection barrel 10S
  • Safety collection barrel 10SI
Intrastat code73269098
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