Safety transportation canister (20 liters) with screw cap and separate ventilation - UN-approved

  • Safety canister from high-quality and chemically resistant stainless steel, material thickness 0,8 mm
  • Design approved by the Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing of Germany (BAM) for UN-transportation of all types of hazardous goods (packaging group X) according to ADR, RID, IMDG Code, GGVSEB and GGVSee
  • Equipped with removable flame trap in the filling-plug
  • Screw cap secured against potential loss by a flexible spindle
  • Screw cap without pressure control valve - also available with pressure control valve (20KTLV)
  • Ventilation srew for manual venting during usage or manual pressure compensation during storage
  • BAM-certificate on request

Combine with:

  • Plug-in funnel inclined - for safety canisters TR2
  • Plug-in funnel inclined, with overfill protection - for safety canisters TR2V
  • Spout 1½", rotable A15
  • Self-closing tap 1½" Z150
  • Self-closing metering device 1½" D151
Order number20KTL
Volume20 l
Height470 mm
Footprint175 x 345 mm
Weight3,70 kg
Material / -thickness1.4301 / 0,8 mm
Flame trapyes
Pressure control valveno
Testing type / -pressureLeakage test 0.4 bar
Spare parts
Intrastat code73102990
CertificateUN (ADR, RID, ...)
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